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A-Norton Septic Contracting is a NJDEP Registered company. We are fully licensed and
insured, we are also registered with the Division of Consumer Affairs. We have more than
21 years of "hands on" experience. Our certified Technicians can provide the following
services during your septic system inspection:
  • Research history of past repair/problems concerning the
  • Visual and physical inspection of the treatment tank
    including baffles and scum/sludge layers.
  • Inspections of ALL components involved in the septic
    system. This also includes but not limited to the
    distribution box, pump tank/pumps and accessory
  • Complete inspections of absorption field and or seepage
  • High-tech cameras available for diagnosis and
  • On-site verbal evaluation followed by a complete written
    evaluation. For inadequate systems: Recommendations
    available on-site from our "field experienced" technicians
  • Pumping service of septic tanks available with our own
We have certified septic inspectors to assist with the purchase or sale of homes.
"Certified Septic Inspectors"