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Agricultural Waste Management Practices (NJAC 2:91)

Effective 3-16-2009

All agricultural animal operations (farms or privates homes) MUST follow the General

  • Animal operations should not allow animals in confined areas to have uncontrolled
    access to waters of the state (Go on NJDEP website for water/stream listings)

  • Manure storage areas shall be located at least 100 linear feet from the waters of the

  • Land application of animal waste (manure spreading) shall be performed in accordance
    with the principles of the NJDA Best Management Practices (BMP) Manual.

  • Dead animals and related waste resulting from reportable contagious disease or an act
    of bio-terrorism shall not dispose of without first contacting the State Veterinarian.

  • Any person entering a farm to conduct official business related to these rules shall follow
    bio-security protocol.
Time Line:
Rule approved: March 16 th 2009
All farms must comply with the general rule: March 2010
Animal Waste Management Plans (AWMP)must be completed: Sept 2010
All BMP’s required in AWMP must be completed: March 2012
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